{Pets} White's Tree Frogs

In January 2006, I brought this little guy home...

In May 2006, I brought home this little guy... 
This was their awesome home for awhile. It's a false bottom tank. I went through different variations of it, never making it as cool as this one. This was way before Lily and so we had lots of time and extra money to play with.

A few months ago I was needing to redo the false bottom tank and was a little busy, so I didn't. Well, after adding some water in it to make the pond, I realized that Marty (the first frog - he was always fatter) had drowned after getting stuck behind the wall. Although they are frogs, they are tree frogs and weren't great swimmers. I knew they could drown easily, which is why they never had deep ponds to soak. Anyway, after Marty's death I disassembled the false bottom tank and kept it simple for Freckles (he always had those dots like shown in the above pic). He had a heat lamp, a large tree branch, and a pond. We brought home crickets and he was a happy, lazy frog. Well, I am no longer a momma to any frogs. He was found dead today. Not sure why. I'm not sure if he got too cold at night, or if he went too long between meals (although I doubt that, he finished his round of crickets just a few days ago), or if he was old or sick.

Honestly... I'm kind of glad to get rid of the frog tank. I once had two different frog tanks for two different types of frogs. The first two (out of the four) died a year or so ago and I took the tank to school for a fish tank. Now I can clean out this tank and use the table they were sitting on for Lily's future room because it's the side table to my grandmother's bedroom set that I have. But, I still have to deal with getting rid of him... yuck. Sounds like a job for Dougie.

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