{Christmas} #2 - Christmas Eve

We have always celebrated Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family. It used to always be at my grandmother's house, just a few blocks away from where I currently sit. After she passed away, my mom took it over and she's done it since. Our family has changed some since but we're always open to whoever can come. My mom's younger sister and her family moved to town and so they now join us. The more the merrier! 

So here are the Christmas Eve photos in no particular order...

Checking out my aunt's crazy, singing hat with Cousin Lauren (all "cousins" are my first cousins, Lily has no cousins first cousins on this side and we're waiting on some of my first cousins to have some babies!). 

My dad and Doug cutting different cuts of pork (one stuffed, one smoked). 

My mom's tree and some of the presents. I have great memories of walking into my grandma's house and seeing the floor covered with presents for all of us kiddos.

My mom's dog, Wyatt. He's a sweetie.

My brother's hat was on the top of the tree again. This is our second Christmas without him. 

My mom and Lily (with my cousin Ian in the background) intently listening/watching someone. 

Lily loves Dora as much (maybe more than) Princesses. She was given a Dora jewelry box from my aunt and uncle.

All night long she waited to open this giant present that had her name on it. She knows what her name looks like and can recognize it from a mile away, I swear. It helps that it was a giant present and Lily was really into Christmas gifts this year. She is the reason (that and being busy) that our Christmas tree and lights and decorations are still up. Yes, we're that family. 

My aunt got her a Melissa and Doug puppet of a cheerleader. Lily thought it was hysterical. My aunt loves theater and is in local plays, so she was entertaining Lily with her puppet.

Lily received a stamp set that included ink and animal body parts. The body is supposed to be your thumb or finger print and the rest of the legs and other body parts are provided in stamps. She wanted to play with someone and found a friend in our family friend (a college friend of my aunt Sue).

Cousin Ella playing with the cheerleader puppet. She also got a mermaid one too. Ella was doing a great job with the puppet and now Lily asks tells us to "do it like Ella."

For years we did a great job with cousin shots, but then got away from them... we're back at it and this time have one crazy toddler to manage. There are a few right side up shots but this was too cute not to post. From left - my cousin's husband Ben, cousin Addie, me, Lily, Doug, cousin Lauren, cousin Ian, cousin Ella, cousin Beth, and Beth's husband, Chris.

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  1. hilarious last photo, and coincidence, i had waaay too much fun with the puppet that our niece got.


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