{Christmas} Doug's Side

The weekend before Christmas saw Doug's parents, his sister and her son come down for a visit. They live a little over 2 hours away and so they aren't the easiest to see but nothing too difficult either. I couldn't imagine living super far away from family members although it's been done in my family. We (my brother and I) grew up around 2 hours away from my mom's mom, our grandma. We also have lots of family from out of state but I love living close to family.

Anyway, we had our first Christmas with them and exchanged gifts. I bought our nephew, Will, a set of cars (what 3 year old boy doesn't love cars?!) and some books - a series of super hero comics. I loved the graphics on them and thought they were super cute. 

Here's Will with his tube of cars from Lily...

Lily checking out the presents. She didn't understand that some were for that day and others had to wait. 

 Opening up some gifts.

Lily received this little Radio Flyer wagon for her first birthday from my parents and Will was instantly drawn to it. Again, boys and cars! So Doug played around with him and made his day. 

Lily trying on her princess dresses...

Another thing Will likes is noise and in all of Lily's toys, he found the one that made the most obnoxious noises EVER. It's a sound machine that a fellow teacher took from a kid and gave me as a gag gift of sorts. Some how it ended up at our house and well, Lily and Will enjoyed it. It makes all sorts of noises - farting, clapping, etc. 

And a cousin shot. This was one of many but none that turned out super great. No one would look at me! 

Can you believe Doug's mom made those dresses?! Aren't they fantastic!!! There's a third one, Cinderella, but I didn't get her to try it on for some reason. 

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