{InstaFriday} Sunday's Late Post

So I just found a blog hop at Life Rerranged called InstaFridays. Some of these photos didn't make it to my Instagram account because it's been acting up... so right now, these are just some photos from the past week or so. My name is thebrickbungalow if you want to follow me!

Lily received some temporary tattoo hand monster designs for Christmas and so we tried one on. She didn't hold her hand still, and she's a little small for it, but you get the idea... They are cute and she loves them.

Last year I bought her a bunch of toys that we never opened (they were up in her closet and I kind of forgot about some) so we got a bunch of them out. After playing one morning (can you say morning hair!?), she found these magnetic Melissa and Doug girls where she can change their outfits. She loves them. She told me "this one is me!"

My boy, Krypto, playing with us in Lily's room.

The other dogs, Zoey (brindle) and Beefy (chihuahua), spooning on the couh. Sorry for the dark photo, some little cranky girl doesn't like it if it's "too bright!"

My coworkers found this in a magazine and we all felt this way about the upcoming Super Bowl. One of our male coworkers was upset when I posted it because he LOVES football. So I'll cheer on his team but I'm not a huge pro-football fan. And sorry for the cursing...

Beefy likes to sit in Lily's lap and today Lily thought it would be fun to pet her with just one finger...

A beautiful sunrise Thursday morning.

The lamp I found at Lowe's that will be my new dining room lamp once it's back in stock. I'm hoping to sell the current, antique fixture and maybe break even (or even make a few bucks!).

Lily and I played CandyLand this morning and my cousin is nicknamed Lolly. I tried to Instagram this photo to her but Instagram refused to work today fo rme.

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