{Alabama} Cobalt Restaurant, Town

Back for another post from our trip to Alabama. We planned one event (the dolphin cruise) and then just enjoyed the rest of the time doing what we wanted to do after seeing the town and looking around. We were across the Bay from Mobile in a small(ish) area. After picking up a few items from a local grocery store, my mom and I spotted a jewelry and art store. And of course we had to go in! I bought one mermaid necklace that is pretty cool (I'll get a photo at some point) that can hang like she's swimming across, down, or up. Lily found her own mermaid she liked... these handpainted displays in front of the shop. I wish I remembered the store's name to post here but I didn't.

For dinner, we asked the Dolphin Queen herself what the locals prefer. I don't know if this place was truly a locals' favorite or just a fancy place, or both (it was definitely fancy!), but it was called Cobalt. It was a cool restaurant and luckily they had a few things to keep us entertained for the hour long wait... like a giant fish tank filled with rays and a few fish...

Some beautiful artwork (these photos don't do these paintings justice).

And they had a little gift shop with stuffed animals and Lily picked one up she was trying to get us to buy (which we did after dinner as a way to make her eat more). Meet Nella, the frog, and the first ever toy that she named something else besides what they are ("doll baby" for a doll, "bear" for bear). I have no idea where the name Nella came from and neither does she, but that's the frog's name!

And here we are at dinner, playing around.  

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