{Alabama} Dolphin Cruise

The day after we arrived in Alabama, we went on a Dolphin Cruise that my mom had planned. Although it was really cold, it was fun to be out on the water, watching for dolphins. Our tour captain, the Dolphin Queen, had won the local boat parade and her boat was fully decked out in lights. I wish I had a full shot, but the cute light up dolphin was enough. I would have loved to see the boat at night, reflecting on the water! 

Finally saw one!

This was about as close as we got to one, and about the most we saw. But that's ok, it was still great! 
This little area was a great spot to see some birds (as shown in a later photo) and provides natural protection for boats during the hurricane season.

A great boat, built by hand by the owner.

There are birds in those trees... a heron and something else... I need arrows point them out.

Our one and only family shot the whole vacation.

Doug in the pirate hat. 

Lily having fun.

The pirate theme worked out great with Lily, who's current movie obsession is the Pirate Pig episode of Dora. She loves it! 

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