{Alabama} Road Trip

I already posted a little bit about our trip, but not many of the details. We (my dad, mom, Doug, me and Lily) drove from Missouri to Alabama the day after Christmas. We stopped part way because it is not a one day drive! Especially if you add in a 3 year old who isn't quite potty trained. She did a great job, minus the throw up incident when we weren't even an hour from our house. But that was food related. Anyway... here are some pictures to better show the story...
Lily playing with Mommy and Babby (what she calls my mom)

Instagram photo, Lily playing around (with food on her cheek).

Instagram photo - backseat hair dressers.

Playful Lily. We let her stay in her jammies on day 2.

Instagram photo - she's out! 
 I may blow the following photos up or even paint a scene... these were gorgeous shots.
Dunes and fence. Love the beach.

You can kind of see the oil rigs out on the horizon. There were a lot of them! 

Alabama was freezing when we were there, so the water was definitely not tempting us in. However, I still love the beach. Between the sky and the water, I was one happy photographer. 

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