{Dining Room} New Light!

These photos were all taken with my iPhone. I will eventually take photos of the whole room with my nice camera and post about everything. However, you can still see all of the before photos and how far this room has come.
Let's just start with how I've never been a fan of this chandelier. Supposedly (according to the selling realtor who was friends with the previous homeowner), it came from one of the states in the south and is an antique. Well, this antique needed to go. It was a pain in the butt to clean and I wasn't a fan of its style. I may try to sell it, so wish me good luck on that!

Why yes, that's textured wallpaper on our ceiling. That's not the only place it's been but I didn't feel like removing it for fear of what could be underneath, so it's staying.
After Doug removed the old chandelier, we were left with the hole in the ceiling and a two toned medallion. I'll get to that later!

And after we tried unsuccessfully to install the first light we bought (same thing as below), we returned it to Lowe's and got a new one that worked fine. The first one had an issue that needed fixed. This one was perfect.

It's a nice pewter/stainless steal with five arms and a little crystal on each one. Simple and lovely.

It helps the room feel and look so much better than with the old chandelier. Once our table isn't full of junk and the room is cleaned, I'll take a wider shot. I also would like to have some natural light and by the time I get home in the evenings, it's gone. But isn't it pretty??

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  1. looks great, and makes a big impact with the ceiling medalion. we just installed a new light in the dining room, and while it illuminates the table, as a pendant light that's pretty much all it illuminates. oh well. at least it's the look i want.


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