{Upstairs} TV Area

Although it's still a work in progress, our TV area got a nice addition after Christmas that I forgot to blog about. Before Christmas, we had ordered two club chairs from Target. They came in covered in white mildew/mold. It was horrible and made my living room smell so bad until we could return them. After that, we were a little nervous about ordering from Target again, so we checked other places. We went to Ashley's Homestore, where we have bought many other things before (like our TV room's sectional, our master bedroom's furniture, and where the previous homeowner bought our living room set and dining room set that we bought with the house). So, we are happy with them and continue to return. We bought these two black chairs with one ottoman because we figured one ottoman would be plenty and it's a smaller space and two would be overkill. Don't they look great?!

This is the rocking chair that my dad restored for me when I was pregnant with Lily. It's a family piece that looks great against our tannish walls. 

Here's a closer view of the sparkly pillow. 

The pillows are from Target. The teal lamp and giraffe print lampshade are from World Market. The wooden spool table was made by my dad many, many years ago. I still want to add some artwork on the walls by the window. I'm also thinking of adding a small area rug to define the area more. After I get all that done, or at least the artwork, I'll take some more photos and we'll call the upstairs done!!! 

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