{InstaFriday} Spirit Week

Welcome LifeRearranged readers, and thanks to the host for hosting the weekly InstaFriday post up.

This week was a busy one! Lily's daycare had spirit week where the kids dressed up differently each day. But a few of these photos are from the weekend too...

We went to the mall to play around and ended up buying Lily some new shoes. She needed some. I should have bought the ones I looked at too but I may get them some other time.

Our new lamp! It's beautiful!

Monday was hat and shades day....

Tuesday was mismatch day (she wasn't huge on this, wearing stripes and polka dots and two different socks).

Wednesday was Team Day where she dressed in her MU Tiger cheerleading outfit and won 1st place!

The beautiful sunrise one morning....

Thursday was pink and red. Can you guess what color she chose to wear??!

And Friday was her favorite... pajama day!!!

Busy week with a busy weekend too... Thankfully Monday is a holiday and no school!

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  1. Stopping by via instafriday - love your pics, and your daughter is adorbs!!


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