{Curb Appeal} Concrete

There is something to say about hiring out a job to professionals. Doug, my dad, myself, and others can easily help us with many projects (as seen with our upstairs remodel, Lily's big girl room remodel, and our back deck to name a few) but to be able to leave a large job to others is just nice. If we were working at our jobs (we're off for the summer), this would be even nicer as we could come home from work and see the progress. But we've been working away in Lily's room and random other jobs (Doug's been tackling the weeds and overgrown trees this week while the weather was cooler). 

So anyway... enough chit chat, let's get to the photos...

See the semi-before photos here.

Here's our driveway. They cut it back because it was in horrible shape. This is a midway done shot, as they hadn't poured the city sidewalk yet.

We had them connect our main sidewalk to the driveway with another sidewalk. This makes going from our cars to our house so much easier as there wasn't a nice walkway before and walking through wet grass (or a bunch of snow) made it hard. OK, first world problems I know, but I'm imagining this in a few months with a 4 1/2 year old and a newborn on a cold day. 

Looking toward the street.

Our front yard, minus the giant pile of dirt. They smoothed it all out and will seed it soon. We have high hopes for this area and it'll include two blueberry bushes and possibly more garden spots. 

A shot towards the house and what will all be part of Lily's Garden soon.

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