{Baby Boy} Room Updates

Little Man's room is almost finished! Excuse the odd colors of the wall, I swear it's a pretty gray that looks the closest to the last photo. Lighting and timing have not been my friends lately (mainly the time issue, as I'm back to working full time). 

So while this room was Lily's, I used a part of an old crib and spray painted it a dark metallic gray (almost oil rubbed bronze) and used it to hang things on for her. She loved it but we decided not to use it on her big girl room. We're still working on organization in there and this may switch over to a different wall... we'll have to wait and see! For now it's empty but I'm thinking it'll be a great place to show off (and save!) all those doctor's cards with height and weight updates, among other little pieces of fun. The hats are for the two teams we cheer on - St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals. The clothes pins are ones I dyed blue and green (we have pink and purple too but saved those for Miss Lily). 

Here's Lily showing off the toy she picked out for her "Bubby." She has a pink hippo that does the same thing (plays music) so she thought he needed one too. 

Here's the bear in the bed. She had to lay the blue striped blanket out, like she was "tucking baby to sleep." 

This shot of the gray is the truest to life color. We painted all the trim bright white to match the rest of the house (well, most of it!) and here's a shot of some of the clothes I've been buying him.... I say he's ready for a little bit (although you can never have too many baby clothes due to babies being babies!). The stuff on top of the shelf are all things we had with Lily - bags holding the baby monitor and baby diapers, body/health stuff (lotion, etc), a humidifier, etc. 

The shelf in the closet is from Target and we had it in there with Lily too. It now holds extra wipes, blankets, his socks, and small toys. We're slowly getting ready!

A full tour will come once we get a few more pieces. My parents are buying me a leather chair and have an old antique school map (a pull down kind!) that I'll be putting some where. Lily made him some artwork so at some point, I'll get it all ready. Two months from today and he should be there! 

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  1. What a beautiful room! Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-diyers-27.html


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