{Monthly Recap} August

I started the Monthly Recap posts earlier this month with a Summer Summary but now that August is over, I figured I'd start focusing on the individual months. Although this blog may not have shown it, August was a busy month... and maybe that's why the blog didn't show it!

The month started with Doug's closet finally getting put to use, thanks to my awesome dad. He built some shelves and hung some racks to hang clothes on. Doug and I bought a bunch of baskets and bins to hold his clothes. We are lucky to have separate closets, so this one is all for him. He even has room for his golf clubs! It still needs some extra touches - maybe a hat rack and a place to hold his belts, but it's a lot better than using the basement for all of his clothes! 

There are actually more bins and baskets since this photo was taken, I just haven't taken a new one. The bins/baskets are all from Target and work great to hold shirts, socks, and so on.

Our sidewalks and driveway were finished this month. We finally got grass seed and straw, right as the heat showed back up. Watering it every night has not been fun but there is a little bit of grass finally coming through, but the weeds are annoyingly tall too. 

It looks a lot better than the above photo. 

We did a Lily Lately post of random August photos. 

We switched gears from Lily's room to Little Man's room as we realized we had no time to tackle another big project. We were able to get it painted and the furniture installed (since we already owned it all) over the past few weeks. The full reveal will be soon but I showed a few steps along the way here (the plans), here (the new paint color) and here (some details)

And we had some surprise flowers come from the bird food in Lily's Garden. I let them grow after a few other flowers quit blooming this month and it was nice to see them finally pop open. 

I also updated my 40 Before 40 and both Doug and I started back up working full time as teachers once the school year started. 

September will be another busy month for us and hopefully will see some blog posts of finished projects! I finished my earring holder but never hung it up, so hopefully that'll happen. I also hope I can get my necklace holder up and going to help organize those. It's also my birthday month (in just a few days) and will see a few more doctor appointments to check on Little Man. I have my next ultrasound in October though, so no pictures of him until then. 

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