{Curb Appeal} Sidewalk

The concrete is almost completely finished! We now have this cute little "circle" (technically a rectangle like shown below) that I can envision Lily, and our future Little Man once he's out and old enough, riding around with their bikes. Lily loves to ride her bike up and down the street on the sidewalk but turning around is hard, so this will be a nice learning spot for her. 

The view below is from our front porch, looking toward the driveway. The lighter concrete is the dry concrete and the darker concrete, towards the top right, is the wet concrete. They did a great job of connecting our driveway to the driveway entrance from the street (whatever that's called) because they didn't redo that and it was raised some. 

Again, it's looking from our front porch but more towards the front yard and large rock than the driveway. I have plans for a small planted flower garden around the foundation stone. It'll involve some bricks (gotta use up that pile!) and some coneflowers and maybe some other stuff. Annuals maybe? Who knows! 

For those curious, there's a reason why it's not connected yet. He has that and our final stair (to our porch) to finish and he didn't want to be charged a small load fee (that's a big chunk of money!), so he will finish it once we gets our neighbor's sidewalk poured. Now that our neighbor is doing her's, everyone on our side of the block has had it done. It makes for a nice ride for Lily! 

Not sure why it's sideways, but that's where the step will be. It's formed up and ready to go soon! 

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