{Lily Lately} Randoms

Happy Friday everyone! Here's to hoping that I can get some good photos of our newly completed sidewalk, Lily's bedroom and the start of Little Man's room this weekend!

We went to Hyvee one day for lunch (we live around 25 minutes from the nearest one and happened to be near it) and Lily knew instantly what she wanted for lunch. "Chicken bone and fruit!" She started loving chicken legs (aka chicken bone) a few months ago so we got her two (she only ate one though) and a one trip salad bar, loaded up with fruit and a little bit of cheese (which she didn't eat either). She is a fruit loving girl and I love it! I shared some of her fruit so she didn't eat it all, but she can definitely put away her fair share! Check this post out if you don't believe me.

And then one night, I looked over and here are my two loves on their iPads (ok so Lily is on mine, she does not have her own!). Her favorite app? Mr. Potato Head because he makes funny noises and falls over.

Here's Miss Lily with our 10 year old cat, Taz. Many people don't know about Taz because she hides whenever company is over. She is actually now coming out more, letting people (like our house sitters and my parents) pet her on occasion. Don't think about picking her up though, she still hates that. I think it may have something to do with how she is most likely completely blind in one eye from the accident she had as a kitten (right before I "adopted" her, aka stole her off the streets). We've taught Lily not to bother her but Lily was so excited (as excited as she gets about cats, she's not a huge animal person) that Taz was close to her and asked if she could pet her. This is huge for Taz! 

And then there's another animal story. I came home from work to let the dogs out our back porch and found this little guy in one of our coolers. Doug had found him on his way home and we had been talking about how Lily should see a turtle up close some day. She got her chance today and it hissed at her. I seriously didn't think regular turtles hissed, but this guy did! We let him go in her garden, hoping he'd stay around but he was gone when we went out later to look for him (her?). I was kind of hoping he'd stay around in her flower garden but no such luck. She seemed a little disappointed when we couldn't find the turtle but we talked about how "he's at home with his family now." 


  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so happy to have found another MS teacher. I agree, they are hard to find. Everyone thinks we are crazy people for hanging out with 14 year olds all day ;) Congrats on your pregnancy. :)


  2. A hissing turtle? That's crazy. A friend of ours was over one day with her 4 year and the only turtle I've ever seen on the property just happened to come wandering out of the woods. She was super excited to hold it and watch it for a few minutes.


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