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As one of our many to do lists this summer, adding a fence to Lily's Garden kept coming up. For awhile I had other plans but was talked out of them for a few reasons (time, cost, etc.) but mainly it came down to looks. While at one of our many trips to Lowe's this summer, we found a no dig fence panel that I liked, Doug liked, and it fit our budget. Plus it was a no-dig fence, meaning it was seriously easy and all you do is push it into the ground and put the pole through 4 holes (two for each panel). Doug and I put 8 panels up super quick one day and ended where you see it below... where the newest bed in Lily's Garden ended. We've since dug a small trench for the brick row to continue (it'll go the length of the garden) but haven't done it yet. I did finish buying the rest of the panels (we were a few short) and additional poles. 

The below shot was taken as soon as it was done and before I realized how sad my potato vine looked. A good watering and some rain over the past couple days have perked that baby right back up! The smaller container holds Lily's cacti she picked out at the beginning of the summer. They, obviously, are loving the heat. 

This is one of my favorite shots. It's of the new bed I made last month and shows how well the flowers are doing. There was a few days in there that made me wonder if I didn't water them enough (it's been known to happen!), but they've perked right back up! I'm not so sure about the pink coneflowers to their left though, but they are still new so we'll see. I think they'll be ok. I do need to go pick some weeds now that I analyze this photo. And our "remove all grass and replace with rocks" to do will most likely not happen this year, but who knows. 

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  1. What a good idea- I never knew about the small fences where the posts just go in the ground easily- thanks!


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