{Family Fun} Warrensburg

On Saturday, Doug's rugby team had a match where we first met, so of course Lily and I joined in! Plus, Doug's family came down to meet us and the weather was perfect - mid 70's, light breeze and sunny. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was playing around on Etsy and saw the adorable shirt that Miss Lily is wearing (above). It says "Dontcha wish your daddy could play rugby like mine?" I bought two - one in a big size for Lily to grow into (what she's wearing) and one for Little Man in a 12 month shirt. Hopefully it'll fit him this time next year or if Doug plays spring ball, it'll be big. 

Doug's sister gave birth in early August to Kyla and Lily was smitten. Obsessed really. I was so happy to see her interest in babies (which I figured she'd be) and she always wanted to be a part of Kyla's activities - from nursing to diaper changing to walking her around in the stroller... everything. She would even get upset because we didn't let her hold her all the time. Lily really wanted to be the one to hold Kyla when she cried. 

The water tower of our old college town. 

And back to where it all began! Doug and I had our first date at a restaurant called Copper Coyote almost 11 years ago (in October). I'm glad to see the place was still open. We ate dinner there with Doug's family. 

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