{Christmas} DIY Ornaments

Are you in the decorating mood yet? I think I'm getting there! The more Christmas and holiday items I see out there on blogs and in stores makes me want to have Doug bring up the boxes and get started. I typically do not do anything until after Thanksgiving when we go chop down our tree (a yearly tradition except last year). 

But, before I go crazy decorating while on maternity leave, I figured I'd do a little ornament round up from the previous ornaments I've created. Some how I'm missing a few of the ones I've made with Lily, so hopefully I can get good photos of those this year while we make our yearly ornament. Plus, this year I will have to start one with Nate! 

Years ago, I created the crystal ornament "icicles" and gave them out to coworkers and friends. I kept quite a few, as once you buy the supplies, it's easy to make a lot. I think they add a great sparkle to the tree and are nice to tuck in here and there for a little shine. And, really, who doesn't like lots of sparkle on their Christmas tree?!?

The painted versions are made using either the clear glass or plastic ornaments from the craft stores and acrylic paint. You can see all of the other color versions here. I think I may make some more of those this year! 

The glitter ornaments were last year's creation and let me tell you, people LOVE them! I made a few for our yearly Christmas party at work and they were a hit. Plus, they are extremely easy to make and it doesn't take as much as glitter as you would think. I played around last year with different colors and will definitely add some more this year. Lily really liked them too because they are "sparkledy." 

In addition to those above, we've done hand and foot prints of Lily over the years. We tried salt dough but it didn't work out, plus her hand was too big. I think it'd be a great way for the first year ornament, but may be too big and heavy as kids get bigger. 
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  1. Hi Megan. You're ornaments are beautiful. I am coming over from Kelly's blog. I also am from Missouri and thought I would say "Hi". I love the idea of your 40 before 40 list. I am going to do that myself since I have a few years left to get there. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more on your blog. Hope you have a wonderful day. =)

  2. Hi Megan! These are so pretty- I love the sparkles and I bet they look gorgeous next to Christmas tree lights. I may have to try this next, I am definitely in the mood to craft up some more ornaments! Have a great weekend:)

    1. Hi Krista! Thanks for visiting and commenting. All of these ornaments are easy. I'm thinking of making more once I get more supplies. Have a great weekend!

  3. Such fun ideas! Love your daughter's name! Mine is named Liky too :)

  4. I also had c-sections.


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