{Christmas} Tree Shopping

After Thanksgiving, we continued our tradition of buying a locally grown tree (except for last year for some reason). The tree farm is on 100 acres out in the country and it's beautiful. We lucked out and picked a gorgeous day, high in the high 50's to mid 60's (I can't remember). It was a little warm for Lily to wear her big coat but it was windy and it's all we had, so we took the middle layer out and she just had the outer shell. It worked! 

Lily had fun for awhile and then she kept asking "when are you going to find a tree!?" It was cute. She already has her tree decorated in her room and so she didn't really care about this one. 

And here it is...

Yes, it's a bit Charlie Brown like with the giant hole but I liked how it wasn't so super full. Some times I seem to find the ones that make it almost impossible to see my ornaments and then what's the point of decorating if you can't see anything? Plus, I have a few super big ornaments that I knew would make it work. 

Here's Nate. He's in one of my carriers. He was out the entire time. Next year will be different, I'm sure! 

Lily following Doug as he drags the tree to the pick up location. The owners come around with a tractor and trailer and load everyone's up and takes it back to their barn to get them wrapped. 

I forgot to get a picture of it on my car. Luckily when we bought my new to us car, it came with a luggage rack. Doug, of course, pointed out that if we had bought the truck he wanted, we could have all fit into it and just thrown the tree in the back. Maybe next year! 

I'll be back with decorated tree photos soon. The weather has been dreary now (hello 17 degree weather!) so our living room is a little dark. But I'll get them on here soon, I promise!

See 2011's tree here


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