{Life Lately} Spring Time Chaos

We live in Missouri. The weather will be in the 70's one day and then snow the next. We've had some beautiful days already, and then snow came one morning. By the same day's afternoon, it was over 50 degrees. Luckily my little pansies are doing just fine… especially after the rain we've had lately! 

There are a lot of bloggers out there that do organizational posts. I would like to do that but with Nate, the Tornado (or TorNato as we're calling him), organization isn't our problem. 

And while the weather is good, we're enjoying a new outdoor activity… Lily's playing softball!!!

Life is crazy busy but luckily I'm able to capture some good photos as we go along. 

As for the house, gardens, etc… stay tuned! I have big plans for this summer if the weather will cooperate! 

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