{Back Porch} Makeover Stage 1

Our little bungalow has a sad little back porch. Before kids, this place didn't look too bad and I actually bought a nice patio set for this area. It's since been relocated and this area became a catch-all for all things ugly, messy, and not really needed. Extra cords, wood trim from Lily's bedroom remodel, outdoor things (pots, grill accessories), etc all gather here.

I, for one, was sick of it. I go through this room daily because its the way the dogs get outside. In the photo below, the kitchen door is to the right (you can kind of see the threshold) and the outside door is behind me. 

So, I cleaned it up a couple weeks ago. It started when I started cleaning out the pantry and removed one of the three shelving units (black, seen below). It got relocated to the porch for the time being to hold the crap that needs to find a new home. I then moved all the boards in hopes of using them for future projects and my parents took the old table. It's a great table, but we weren't using it and they could. Plus it was theirs to begin with, so it went to their house for their basement living room. 

In the photo above, that little wood storage cabinet is on its way out. I thought of using it as a potting bench (it was maybe $3) but I don't use it and it's falling apart. 

So… the plans…

1. Remove everything and find proper homes for stuff

2. Clean

3. Paint the walls (they're brick on one side that are already painted, so I'll repaint it white) and ceiling (it's bead board).

3. Paint the floor. It'll eventually be the same color (or so I plan) as the shed in our back yard and the front porch. They all need it!!!

4. Furniture - I'll move the yellow patio chairs and table here, along with the black and white rug we already have. 

5. I'll keep the black shelves and find baskets for them to hold the kids' toys and outdoor things. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, helmets, balls, etc. 

6. Possibly paint the kitchen door leading out here. It's chipped white paint and is ugly. I'd love a teal color for fun! 

I really hope this'll be one of the first projects I'll work on come Summer. Lily's birthday in late May will help me get my butt in gear on it. It'll at least be cleaned out more before then!! 

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