{Wildlife} Turtle

On Mother's Day morning, Lily was helping me plant flowers. As I left the house to start working, Lily was still in the house, and I heard a scrapping sound. At first I thought nothing of it because of the neighbor's cats, birds, and so on that always frequent the front yard. But then I realized none of them were really around. As I turned the corner from leaving our front porch, I saw the below picture. A cute little box turtle hanging out on our sidewalk. 

I, of course, love animals. Lily isn't huge on them but gets excited for new things. Nate was asleep or else I'm sure he'd love to see his first turtle. Unfortunately, this little guy has had some bad meetings with either a large dog or, most likely, a lawn mower blade. The tannish white crack in his shell starts a line that goes to the edge of his shell and there's a crack almost all the way through. It's mostly healed, minus the red spot, and he can walk around just fine. 

And speaking of walking, he found himself at home in my sedum and front little garden. 

He eventually settled in underneath the sedum that he dug completely out of the ground (seen below behind the hosta) and has made home there. He was still there this morning, almost 24 hours since first arriving in our yard. 

We have enough plants and bug life that I'm sure a turtle could survive but we are letting him (or her) live a wild and free life. As much fun as it is to see it and know we have garden visitors, I'm not one to keep wild animals as pets (mainly due to trying over the years while living in the country with no success). 

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