{Back Yard} New Flower Beds

Good Morning Friends!!!

I'm here to show you some of our progress made in our back yard. We started with galvanized containers that my parents picked up from various farmers (they were happy to see them go!) and some blocks my parents gave us. I'll be back later this week with more of some of the step by step pieces of this project as its not done. I'm hoping by Friday, it'll at least be one step closer to being done before we start on a few more projects.

Let's get to it though, ok?

Here's what we basically have right now. There are a few more flowers since this photo was taken but I'll show those later. 

And this is what it was a few weeks ago.

So much better, right?!?! 

Talk about an overgrown, unloved area!! We've spent so much time in other areas of our yard, like the front yard and Lily's Garden, plus the raspberry bed and vegetable garden, that this sad area had been neglected. On the right, near all that tall overgrowth is a tree stump from a tree we had removed a few years ago. Normally I'm all for keeping trees but this one had some damage, was old, and close to our house. After a bad icy winter, we took it down before it took more of our stuff (and our neighbors' stuff) down. 

Instead of a super long post, I'm going to break it down and show some step-by-steps. Like I said, I'm hoping I'll get mulch by Friday to show you that this is pretty much done except for one special area. Then it'll be on to the other areas of our house and yard, because we never seem to just have one project at a time! 


  1. Awesome progress Megan, what a transformation!! Thanks for sharing it at WIW!

    1. Thank you! It already looks a ton better since this post too! :)


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