{Back Yard} Galvanized Container Inspiration

I posted on my Instagram (@thebrickbungalow) account that I am now the proud owner of three very large, very vintage-y galvanized buckets from local farms. My parents found all three of them for me and let me tell you, they are big and pretty!! I can't wait until I have some time to work on some magic in my back yard. Until then, check out these inspiration photos. I've tried to link them to their original sites, but it's so hard to find them some days! 

via the nervous horse on flickr

Flower Patch Farm House

via Planet Natural
Aren't those great??? I have one large, oval like the ones above and then two smaller ones. 

Our backyard is in some serious need of TLC. It has the playground (that'll receive some work this summer too, hopefully), our shed that needs painted, our raspberry garden, and the veggie garden (that used to be a rock garden that I really miss!). It also has a very large, concrete patio that is home to our dining set, an outdoor couch and lounge area, plus a giant trampoline that may just be the death of me. We had a large tree but it had to be removed. 

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