{Back Yard} Details

I introduced our back yard project here and discussed more here. Now I'm here to discuss some of the details!

The largest container is pretty large, giving me plenty of area to plant. I know I over planted but I can always move things around when the fill it up. Plus, I love the look of crowded planted areas, especially cottage style gardens where flowers mix together. I also had plenty of plants, so I put them in here for now.

So far, the container above has Columbine, day lilies, spider wart, Asiatic Lilies, a coneflower from my parents' field, and a small plant I can't remember but it's in the sedum family (I think!). I bought the sedum type flower previously and the rest, minus what came from my parents, were all moved from other parts of our yard.

My ceramic fish now has a place to call home. It's been in our front yard for years and lived primarily on our front porch but I never really liked it there. I do really like the fish though. It'll overlook a dry creek bed that'll start with our gutter (behind the round container) and meander through the containers to the edge of the garden. It'll be lined so when it rains, it'll actually have water in it. I hope the kids like it! And after the large amounts of rain we've had recently, it's already naturally making an edge. So I'll go off of that.

And there's Krypto, enjoying the area. Or at least a bone that I found while cleaning up the area. 

In the photo above:

1. The window goes to our TV room and the steps near it go to nowhere. I'm assuming they did but previous homeowners closed off our back porch. The dogs use it to spy on us when they are outside and I may keep the containers on there but may have to move them due to one large white dog.

2. There are big plans for the tree stump on the right. I can't wait until that's done!

3. The dog house is rarely used but it's nice to have. My dad built it and gave it to us a few years ago. 

4. There is a grass near the corner of the fence that was given to us. It'll grow tall and fill in some of the area, hopefully hiding the neighbor's house. It's actually in a large bucket we fully planted in the ground so it can't spread too much. 

5. I want a rain barrel for the gutter on the brick part of our house. We don't have a water spout on this side of our house so it would help with watering. 

6. Stepping stones will be added on the inside area near the edge so the dogs can do their neighborhood watch program. 


  1. How lovely! I love the fish. Thanks for sharing with the Frugal Family.

  2. Looks great. I love those containers!


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