{Bathroom Planning} Day 2 - Vanities

Hello again! If you saw yesterday's post, I showed you my ugly bathroom and our plans to gut and enlarge it. I also showed you how we are going to get the wood look tile floor. Today's topic is vanities… 

Now… if you haven't noticed, all are double vanities with drawers in the middle. That's one of my main loves and wants. Obviously it starts to vary after that. 

1. Let's start with the biggest photo. Isn't it just gorgeous? The doors are set in the cabinet for a more furniture style look. This isn't a huge "must have" to me, although it is nice looking. The wall color is gorgeous, but I'm not sure if I'll choose something like that.

2. Top Right: This is more of what I"ll probably end up, just in different colors. I like the vintage, classic look of the sinks that sit on top of the counters, instead of under mounts. Both are great, obviously, but I do tend to go towards this look more. 

3. Middle Right: Oil rubbed bronze hardware is a great contrast to the white cabinets. I'm not set on hardware yet and have some time to decide (luckily as I keep going back and forth!). Wall color is nice too.

4. Middle Right: I currently have a black vanity and white top, so I do like this look but am wanting something lighter and brighter. We won't have room for a dividing wall, but it is nice. 

5. Bottom Right: Door style is slightly different than the more Shaker style in the others (for the most part). Counters are gorgeous with their mix of light and dark. 

5. Bottom Center: Love the look of the cabinet and drawers between the mirrors. And I like how they repeat the black from the counter tops with the mirror frames. Hardware is fun but not what I'll pick. Chrome is nice though.

6. Bottom Left: Love the one big mirror option, this one being framed (along with number 3 too). Wall color is really pretty and so is the countertop. (Not sure about that link, but I tried to find its proper source with no luck.)

Which one are your favorites? I've been stalking Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram for inspiration photos. All are so pretty!

Come back for more bathroom talk tomorrow!

Day 2 - Vanities 
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

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