{Bathroom Planning} Day 4 - Lighting

As we continue on with the bathroom remodel plans, I'm now looking at lighting. 

I absolutely love school house style lights and found this collection via The Anatomy of Design. 

Another recent find was this style, below.

When Doug and I started looking around awhile back, we found ourselves at Home Depot and I fell in love with a collection from Martha Stewart. However, once I started to look at it more in depth and actually touch it, those little silver bands just sit on the glass shade. Meaning, they never actually sit straight and dust can get under them, making cleaning an issue. 

It comes in a variety of sizes (as does the option above this one too) and is more polished chrome in person than this photo snagged from Home Depot's website. 

You can see that I'm going towards a polished chrome, old school house style vibe… the biggest decision for lighting will rest with what I choose to do for either a mirror or medicine cabinet (or a combination of both).

We currently only have one, 4 bulb, light fixture above our mirror. I'd like to add a ceiling light for additional lighting. We do have a window in the bathroom but it'll be frosted for privacy. It'll let some light in, but not a lot. 

What do you like? 

Tomorrow's the last day of the bathroom planning and then next week will be some showing off some actual progress on the bathroom!

Day 4 - Lighting
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

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