{Bathroom Planning} Day 3 - Mirrors vs Medicine Cabinets

Welcome back to Day 3 of our Bathroom Planning Posts. I showed you the 7 inspirational photos for the vanities so I thought I'd start that image off for the Mirror vs. Medicine Cabinet issue.

What do you prefer? Mirrors or medicine cabinets? One big mirror or two smaller? Framed mirrors or not? 

1. I know that I like the look of both. While both the biggest photo above and the bottom center grab my attention the most, I do like the rest (all only mirrors). The biggest photo has mirrored cabinets, which offer the best of both worlds. 

2. If all goes as planned, we will either have a shelving area for storage or an actual closed closet (depending on leftover room from the tub/shower combo). So storage isn't the biggest issue. Plus, the vanity will hold the majority of items. 

3. We currently have both. We have one center mirror with two smaller, mirrored cabinets for our medicine, vitamins, etc. It is convenient to have both.

4. If I go with mirrors, they will definitely be framed. I think this is a great way to add color (although I'd either go black or white, or like the top right photo, a color to match the vanity). 

And then there's this photo that I absolutely love. The wall color, wood flooring, white vanity with black top, bright lighting, and the touch of old and vintage with the above the toilet cabinet. We have a local resale shop that makes over various pieces of furniture and I may look into what they have or what they can make and do something similar.
Come back tomorrow for the fourth installment of the bathroom planning posts.

Day 3 - Mirrors vs. Medicine Cabinets
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

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  1. I love that black cabinet in the second picture! Such great inspiration!


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