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I recently revamped our Home Tour page if you haven't noticed. It got me thinking of everything we've done to the house since we bought it in 2007. It's so easy to get sucked into the whole to do list that is never ending, but it's nice to go back and look at what we've done. 

In 2007, we had just celebrated our first year of marriage and I was in the middle of finding a career instead of a job. We bought the house on Doug's salary alone (I didn't even have a job!), just 5 short months before the government fell apart and they started handing out money for homeowners. If we only knew! 

Our house the day we moved in, July 2007. Check out all those giant bushes. 

By 2008, I started taking college classes to become a teacher (I already had a bachelors degree in art). The house saw little progress as we made just enough to cover the bills. We found out we were pregnant with Lily that fall. We also started the longest remodel known to man, our upstairs gut job

Our second anniversary, May 2008.

Our upstairs remodel, looking towards the TV area

2009 was a great year, focusing mainly on Miss Lily's arrival. 
Lily, May 2009.

2010 was the start of this blog! We had previously been blogging on an all baby blog and felt the switch was necessary. 

2011 was a shitty year. I'm just going to say it. Losing my brother at age 31 has by far been the worst thing in my life. But, as for the house, it did see the end of the upstairs remodel and us actually living up there again, plus we fenced in our back yard. 
One of my favorite photos of my brother, taken years ago. 

2012 didn't seem to see anything major but I graduated with my Masters in Teaching and had finished my first year of teaching middle school art (ok so both of those are major and totally kicked my butt!). 

2013 was by far the busiest year this house has seen yet, although 2015 may rival it (except the pregnancy and birth part!). 2013 saw the entire pregnancy of Nate, a bedroom remodel for Lily, a nursery makeover for Nate, and the construction of the back deck. Plus, I worked hard in Lily's Garden. It also saw a major curb appeal update with the new side walks

Nate, November 2013. 

2014 saw more work in Lily's Garden and the creation of the raised bed for our blueberries. It was a busy year dealing with two kids. 

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year too. Small projects started the summer and it grew from there. Painting, organization, gardening, building, it all seems to be happening this year!

Over the years we've updated our HVAC system completely, we've painted almost every room of the house (at least once), we've completely gutted our entire upstairs and Lily's bedroom, we've replaced 6 windows during said remodels, and we've made our house a home to say the least. I could go on and on about the future plans, but that's not the point of this post. I look forward to what we can accomplish this summer and I love looking back on what we've already accomplished! 

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