{Bathroom} Demo Day 1

I'm going to apologize for the fact that all of these were taken with my iPhone. It does, however, take decent photos. I really didn't want to mess with my big camera as dust was flying everywhere. My poor phone though seems to go everywhere with me. 

On Monday, my dad came over and helped Doug demo our bathroom. Everything is being replaced, so we (and by we I mean the guys) ripped out everything. Tile, trim, mirrors, toilet, vanity, tub… everything! 

In the three photos below, you can see the progress of the wall. 

The photo above shows the space that we stole from Lily's room during her room makeover two years ago. It didn't seem to hurt her bedroom at all (it's still plenty big as you can see here) and it'll help our bathroom so much! 

In the photo below, we found some random wiring craziness behind the built in medicine cabinet. Talk about fire hazard! Our bathroom seems to have electricity through two circuits in the breaker as I can easily trip the breaker with one outlet but not the other. This house is so crazy when it comes to electrical but with my dad's help, we are slowly fixing it!!! 

And here's the tub, on our curb with everything else. Fingers crossed all the trash gets picked up! The tub was taken by someone who probably sold it for scrap. We actually kept the toilet that we had put out there to replace the one in our basement bathroom (that's a whole different issue!) but the rest is junk from either the bathroom or the basement. I owe our trash man big time if he takes it all. If he doesn't take it all, we'll haul to the waste station later this week. I'm not about to have all of this trash (probably 30 bags full, plus the vanity and counter top) on my lawn for longer than necessary. 

So there you have it! The story of why we had a tub on our front lawn and the first day of demo. 


  1. exciting times! ugh, we had some crazy wiring stuff we found demoing the kitchen.

    1. I don't even want to imagine our kitchen! It's probably worse than our bathroom. So far, so good on our electrical minus this issue. My dad will fix it all and make it new. One of many perks of having a dad in construction!!


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