Before we started down this journey of a bathroom renovation, I had been dreaming about it for years. You would think that would make it easier for me but it seems to have just opened up more options. Pinterest, blogs and shopping in store and online have not helped. I knew going into it that I wanted wood tile floors, a white vanity, new fixtures, and so on. After that, such as polished chrome vs brushed vs oil rubbed bronze, I couldn't decide anymore. Last week I discussed options for the majority of the issues in a bathroom but there have been other things too. I'll discuss those as they happen but for now, let's look at what we've bought. 

This vanity is from Menards. It hasn't come in yet as I was hoping for one of their 11% discount sales with no luck. 11% off would have been a nice chunk of change for us. 

These faucets. This was the easiest decision I made after our (my parents and I) initial look around. They are from Home Depot and I love their look. I hope they are as pretty installed as they look in the store. If not, oh well! 

This tub and shower combo. Tile is all the rage on the internet and I love some of it. However, we have been dealing with unsealed, ugly, improperly installed tile in our bathroom (and kitchen..ugh!) since we bought the place. I, for one, am totally fine with an all in one shower. Unfortunately, due to the size of our house and doorways, we couldn't physically get an all in one but this combo from Home Depot is going to be as good as we can get it and it's gorgeous in person! 

This tile from Lowe's. We looked at Home Depot, Lowes and Menards and all were so similar. But once you see them in person, the tile from Lowe's just looked so much better, richer, and nicer. The color is great and it'll be a great contrast from the white of everything else.

And here's where I need help…

Medicine cabinets. I've decided on two of them and we'll probably do a boy/girl organization thing. Or a kid/parent way but I think Doug and I kind of like our own separate space and Lily will share most of my stuff anyway (nail polish, hair products). Nate hasn't really reached this stage yet.

Lighting. I've decided to buy a two or three piece combo for above our medicine cabinets. There are so. many. options. This seems to be the biggest issue. Also, can I mix styles? Can I get a flush mount fixture (or something similar) for the ceiling and a different style above the medicine cabinets?

Exhaust fans. We don't have one and we want one. I looked at both orange and blue stores just couldn't pick one. 

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