{Bathroom} Demo Day 2

Good morning, friends and family! 

We are continuing on with our bathroom makeover but as with many projects, one thing has led to another. Our bathroom, luckily, sits over our basement. Most of our basement has a ceiling installed so you can't easily get to everything, however, our bathroom sits over our little storage room that has exposed beams, plumbing, and electrical. Which is a wonderful thing! 

Random holes in the original, tongue and groove flooring. We found what was probably the original placement of the sink (to the top right of the triangle shaped hole), the lighting for said sink (or what held the box) and some other random holes. 

While the guys were dealing with the pipe issue, including calling a plumber, I continued on my mission to clean out the basement. The only problem here is that even after everything was thrown away and it was cleaned up, it is not something the blog world needs to see. Behind our basement is a crawl space of sorts. I guess they didn't see the need to finish the entire thing way back when they build our house (like almost 100 years ago!). But previous owners seem to feel it was a good spot to store, and then leave, their stuff. Long story short, I did find these random pieces that I posted on Instagram (follow me @thebrickbungalow). 

I like the little space ship flying to the moon. It's on a very thin piece of cardboard and my dad thought it might be the top of some toy. The candy wrapper says "Brach's chocolate and peanut butter". The skeleton key is cool. Super rusty but it'll go in our dining room collection of randomness (seen here) and is one of maybe 4 keys we've found in the house.

And other randomness from the basement. There were these numbers written on some of the boards in the crawl space. I have no idea if it could possibly be a date (as in 1920, I just didn't get a picture of the whole date written out) or if it was just for measurements or something else. Or anything that could have been added since. And sorry for the flashy fog, it's a combo of being a dirty, dark basement and the flash.

In the photo below, I won't even show the before photo. But it shows the random dirt pile (our "crawl space" and the boards on the right are the small storage room and end of our basement. The space between is about 18", if that. Just enough to move around but not be super comfortable. This is the area that was full of broken glass, wood, old plastic water bottles (like the 5 gallon type) and so much other stuff. Unfortunately it was also home to one of my cat's bad habits that I spent way too much time cleaning up (well, actually that was on top of the dirt pile…).

More crap. Two boxes of glass jars (which do include at least two blue Bell jars). These will probably be cleaned up and used for craft storage. Maybe. They are big jars, probably being 2 quarts or bigger.

And there you have it. So much more happened but I didn't get photos of all of it. I was in this crawl space for probably close to 5 hours and it was so disgusting. I'll have more to show tomorrow as I actually took photos with my camera of the giant hole in the bathroom floor. But! Progress is being made and it'll all be worth it in the end.

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