{Bathroom} Demo Day 3

Welcome back to the bathroom remodel! We've already removed all of the hideous tile, the bathtub and other fixtures, the entire floor and so much more. After removing everything, we could see what we're working with. And… this is what happened! 

The round hole in the photo, below, was where our toilet was. The square hole to the right is from an opening that allowed clothing to be dropped to the basement. A little laundry shoot, however it went to an unfinished storage room and not our laundry room (right next door but still). The jagged hole on the left is from a vent pile that went through the wall from the basement to our roof. Everything has been removed.

My dad didn't like the look of some of the flooring so he took it all out. Part of this also helps the fact that there were numerous patch jobs and with us moving a wall, we had that to deal with too. So they removed the original tongue and groove flooring plus the sub floor too. 

You can see in both the above and below photos that there had been some water issues. It's all been dealt with and covered up, ready to be dealt with even more later on. We will eventually be tiling the entire room with a wood look ceramic tile. 

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