{Holidays} Fourth of July

A special Saturday post for you… we'll be back next week with a bathroom update! 

As I was reading The White Buffalo Styling Co's blog post Americana Home Decor, I started thinking of the past few years we've celebrated as a family. 

We typically go to my dad's uncle's place out in the middle of the nowhere. There's food, family, fun, fireworks and water… what's more summer?!? And of course, I try to bring something every year.

Cupcakes, just waiting to be frosted. 

A delicious poke cake covered in whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries. 

Chocolate covered marshmallows with extra sugar on top. These were a giant hit with the kids (teenagers and younger) as they were easy to grab and run out the front door. Plus, see picture of Lily below for her feeling over them. 

And these chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels were actually for my brother's college graduation years ago, but the colors would work great for Fourth of July, plus everyone loves chocolate covered pretzels! 

 Here's Lily at my dad's uncle's place when she was 1. Her dress was just adorable! 

Here's Lily when she was three, sporting both red and white and a Statue of Liberty crown. 

And those chocolate covered marshmallows I mentioned before… yep, here's one super happy girl! 

And the fireworks, oh the fireworks! I think this may be the best way to use pegboard… a bottle rocket in each hole, tied together to all go off as the flame goes across the board. Talk about a time consuming project though that definitely takes everyone's help! I've helped a few times, but usually it's done before I get there. 

And this was for a friend's wedding but I painted these 8" by 8" canvases and they can either hang this way or in a row. They can even sit by themselves too. They have just a bit of silver on them too which I liked. 

Happy Fourth of July! 

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  1. love all those food ideas, and now i'm hungry, lol. enjoy!


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