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Hello! Two posts in one week, crazy! I guess that's what happens when school is out and the kids are daycare. The extra expense of Lily going will suck this month but at the same time, momma can get stuff done and take naps. It's the little things. 

I'm working on creating a full garden tour (well, more than one but you get the idea) but until then, I thought I'd share some of the growth going on here at The Brick Bungalow. 

First, I'll start with this month old photo from our back yard. I made it over last summer so you can check out those before and afters. There's already a huge change from this photo until now because of all the flowers that popped up in May. If you remember, I got a lot of flowers from my parents' fields and transplanted a few from around our house. This helped give it a really full, lush feeling in a short amount of time. 

The rest of the photos are from Lily's Garden. It's the side yard that was once all grass (a long time ago!) and I've slowly made it to what it is today. Every single item you see was put in there by us, minus the garage and house. The rocks, foundation stones, fences (privacy and black), trellis (on the privacy fence), and of course, plants - it's about 7 years of a work in progress. 

See the white gutter in the photo above? It ruins almost all the photos I take at this angle…. I NEED to find something to replace it that's not so ugly. I'll add that to my do list.

My collection of pots. This year I took the small metal container and redid our fairy garden. It was on the ground a few years ago but moles and plant growth ruined it, so now it's been condensed into the container garden variety. We may add more to it, or smaller containers with it, but I don't know. The rest of plants are annuals. The one on the far left in front is the top of a pineapple. Living in Missouri, I don't have high hopes for it but we'll see what happens. 

Coneflowers are one of my favorites. My coneflowers are taking over and may need some intervention later this summer, but this was my first one of the season. 

View from the driveway. I don't always show this as our dining room window (the big set of three) is ugly and needs replaced. But I want to document more so I can compare year to year. Plus, it shows my new clematis that we added late last year. 

I love hydrangeas. This one plant is a part of the trio I planted while pregnant with Nate almost 3 years ago. I love how one plant can have a variety of colors. 

And here's another shot of another coneflower from the same plant as earlier. I think I like the green buds more than the actual flower, but then when they change to the beautiful purple variety, it's hard to not like those too. 

Do you garden? What 's your favorite flower? We have our veggie gardens planted too, so I'll be sure to show those soon. 


  1. I love your garden. It's what started me following your blog.

    I have too many flowers to name but right now the Asiatic lilies are the star & I also have my first ever hydrangea bloom. I didn't know there could be different colors on one plant! I only have one in color now but can't wait to see how the other blooms come out.

    1. Thank you! My hydrangeas seem to vary in color but our soil may be to blame, though I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I do have a few hydrangeas that don't bloom often. These are in a different spot and get a little bit more sun, which I think is key. Thanks for following along!

  2. gorgeous garden !!! Pinned for sure!


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