{Garden} Before and After Shots

HappyWednesday friends!!! I was on my computer this weekend and found this old shot. It's about the first "before" photo we took of what is now known as Lily's Garden. But let's imagine it without the foundation stones and that stump of a plant was more like 8 feet tall. 

 Just a bit farther down the driveway (you can't see where the rose bush used to be) but you can see all the progress!

I guess I feel the same way about this garden as some bloggers do about their home's interior. I look at this garden multiple times a day, work on it whenever I can (a lot in the summer) and truly enjoy watching things grow and trying a few different plants. I've added a few this year but I really just like watching what's here grow. That's the plus side of having a lot of perennials!

I won't ever say this garden is done but the majority is definitely done. The foundation stones aren't moving, the brick edges are done, the rock path has been in place for awhile now and the majority of plants are staying where they are. Only a few spots for annuals and my container collection still grows, but now it's just time to watch things grow!

I'm working on finding more before and after comparison shots, so make sure you come back and visit!!! 

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