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Let's talk about the basement, ok? I've moved items, thrown things away, donated, sold and who knows what else with some of the stuff that was in the basement. I then cleaned, scrubbed, primed and painted the walls and ceiling. The floor was then painted as well, to cover up the paint stain that was not helping with the light and bright part of my wish list. It is a TON better but it's no where near done. 

Here's my inspiration: Classy Clutter's Basement Craft Room

Isn't that amazing?!? 

Here's where I started from. This room was truly a dumping ground for everything. Old kids' toys, items we weren't using, things we were holding on to, just random stuff. No man's land basically. We then tried to block the majority of it off from a certain black cat as he thought it was his litter box. Yes, disgusting. 

It was so dark. Two small windows, hardly any lighting (it's all broken anyway but can hopefully be fixed), and an exterior door that leads to the walk out underneath our back porch. 

Then it looked like this after some purging. 

Here it is cleaned out. The interior walls have the paper bag treatment on them. I chose to paint over them instead of seeing what's underneath. I knew it wasn't going to be smooth drywall, so I took my chances. 

And after one coat on the back. That may have been primer actually, I can't remember. 

Same wall. Sorry for the inconsistency with angles, but you get the idea. The walls and ceiling are done (the dark line in the corner is the paper bag treatment curling… we'll deal with that later) and the floor hadn't been cut in (I was too excited to do that first but it's since been done). 

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