{Basement} Floor Paint


I'm back with a basement post! I hope that within a week or two, I will have a post about it being done. I went to put the second coat of paint on and it wasn't ready yet, so that'll be tomorrow's job. Or late tonight possibly.

But check it out! 

The red was a stain the previous homeowner used on both the basement floor (just on this side thankfully) and our front porch's floor. Both will be dealt with and I believe in the same color too.

I cleaned and cleaned the floor. It was swept, vacuumed, mopped, and mopped and mopped. And mopped some more. It's a basement to a house that's right around 100 years old, give or take, and so you can only imagine what its seen.

I know the next photo is dark. The only working light is a floor lamp that is creating the glare. The overhead lights all broke and I'm honestly not sure if the electrical even works. That's an issue for another day. 

I posted this picture to Instagram (follow me at thebrickbungalow) and I love it. The paint is wet here but it does have a nice sheen to it. 

There are two windows, both look into Lily's Garden. This one is right next to the climbing hydrangea. 

I've shown this view before (here) and it looks so much better. It's not done yet though! I'm also thinking that my two shelf units (that I'm stealing from other places in my house) will go between the outlets. 

Here's the paint. I'm happy I went with the dark gray and not the light. I'm thinking the same paint color will be used for our front porch, back porch and possibly even part of the backyard shed makeover. The shed may go light gray but I'll test this color out first. 

So what do you think??? Here's where we started… 

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