{Lily} Birthday Photos

 For seven years now, I have taken Lily to a local flower garden for her annual birthday shots. This year was a little late but better late than never, right?! And I need to soak up this time with her before she refuses. This year I also just took her instead of both her and Nate. The past two included him, and I adore both together in photos, but she needed some one-on-one time. 

Here she is staring at a squirrel. It allowed us to get really close and I bet if we had food, it would have ate out of our hands. Something we aren't used to but this park is next to a few businesses so people walk in it all the time. 

I love the bottom photo as it's been the same bench she's sat on for a few years now. I didn't post the photos from last year but here's a collage of years 1-5

I do plan on going back with both kids to get some of them together. For Nate's birthday, I took him to a local state park with a cave for his first but to a different place for his 2nd due to weather and time. I wish I had stuck with the first place, so we'll be returning there in October. 

Do you do anything for your kids' birthdays that are the same every year? I love this simple tradition and it doesn't cost anything but some time and energy. I did buy her some Orange Leaf afterwards, which was almost a waste as she would rather just have candy. But she asked, so I let her go. 

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