{Lily's Garden} Progress

Happy Wednesday all! 

I love showing progress photos and while I have some time, I'm trying to create some posts about them. Some day they will include the inside of my house as part of it has really come a long way. Until then, let's enjoy these three photos of Lily's Garden. 

The first was taken in May 2014 before we installed the arbor and the front bed wasn't made yet. Not to mention, the grass was still there. 2014 was a big year for this garden! 

Here it is in August 2014. Just three months later and so much change! The growth of the hydrangeas, the addition of the new bed (in front), the moon vine taking over the fence, and the rock paths instead of grass totally changed this space. Don't you agree?? The driveway is completely clear of all bricks, stones, and various other materials that have been moved around. Some came from a house that was remodeled (and since burnt to the ground), some came from my parents, and some were from our front yard but buried.

I couldn't find one from last year, but it wouldn't have been much different. 

And just recently, before the hydrangeas really took over with their show stopping blooms. 

The hydrangeas are huge, the lilies are really tall, we have a new clematis this year (bottom right) instead of the moon vine, and the containers in the front really finish up the garden. 

Now to talk to my neighbor about tackling his overgrown area in front of their fence (to the right of our garage). I'm thinking I could transplant some of my flowers as my kitchen window looks directly out at that area. 

What have you been up to? Gardening? House work? Enjoying your summer, hopefully! 

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