{South Carolina} Day 1 - Travel

A month ago, my family and I travelled to South Carolina. We flew from St. Louis, had a layover in Atlanta, and landed in Charleston. We ate dinner in Charleston before heading to Edisto Island where we stayed at the State Park for a week. I'm going to break down our vacation in separate posts as I took a lot of photos and want to share them all. 

Above is a little collage of the trip to the St. Louis airport including the car ride there, the bus ride from the parking garage (the kids loved this!) and waiting in the airport and looking at the planes. This was Nate's first time flying so he was super excited!

Below: a plane selfie with my girl! 

Babby and Nate checking out the plane and how the ground looks - I think this was before take off. 

Flying over Atlanta… I think… 

Worn out! 

We arrived in Charleston, got our rental car, and headed downtown. We ended up right near the park we'd later spend some time at and so this was the official "we made it to South Carolina" photo. Boring though. 

And after dinner, we drove to Edisto Island and checked into our cabin just in time for a beautiful sunset. 

 Day 2 is next - we take the kids to the beach after we wore them out with all the traveling from Day 1.

Day 4 - Charleston and the Charleston Aquarium 
Day 5 - Dolphin Cruise 
Day 6 - 
Day 7 - 
Day 8 - 

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