{South Carolina} Day 4 - Charleston's Aquarium

I decided to split this post into two. The aquarium was great and definitely deserves its own post! Plus, I have a lot of pictures! See Part 1 of our Charleston Adventures

Day 4 continues with our trip to the aquarium! We figured the kids would like it and the rest of us, specifically my mom and I, are animal lovers. 

Our visit was timed perfectly, on accident, to catch one of the 4D showings from their theater. We weren't sure how Nate would do, as he didn't last very long in our only attempt at a movie theater months ago, but this was short and fun and he did great! 

Here's the happy kid in one of the exhibits. He would have stayed here if we allowed. 

But then we found the giant, multi storied tank full of fish… and a diver! Did you know that the divers are volunteers? They feed and clean the tank, plus do a little show. Nate was super impressed. Maybe he'll be our marine biologist! 

Lily prefers to act like an animal vs watching them, although she did have fun! 

And there was a petting part of the aquarium too. The kids, and others, got to help feed the dog sharks, sting rays, and a few other animals and then pet them after the feeding frenzy stopped. I'm not sure who enjoyed this the most - my mom, the kids, or me! 

So the sting ray photo isn't the best, I only had my phone, but those eyes are so intense!!! 

After the aquarium closed, we hopped back on the water taxi and enjoyed some of the sights. 

The U.S.S. Yorktown 

One worn out boy! 

As we were headed back into the Edisto Island, I looked out of our car windows and saw one of the best sunsets of the entire trip!!! It was so beautiful! 

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