{South Carolina} Day 3 - Magnolia Plantation

We knew that while in South Carolina, we wanted to visit one of their famous plantations. We had it narrowed down to a few and picked Magnolia. It was a great choice and one that I wouldn't hesitate to make again. I'd love to actually go back, minus the kids and tour the house and do more of the history. We did the tram ride and the petting zoo, which I'll actually put in a separate post seeing how many photos there are!

The following two photos are the slave quarters. I would have liked to go on the slave quarters tour but without the kids, as they were both miserable in the heat. In each building, there was a wall dividing it into two sections. One family got one section, but they didn't say on the tram tour as to how many that would include.

An absolutely beautiful place that I'd love to know more about. The time period that brought so much change to the South, and America, was filled with so much.. everything.. Slavery was a huge part in it and I don't want to gloss over that as if it wasn't a horrible issue, but I also want to admire the beauty that is the Magnolia Plantation. Apparently many of the slaves stayed on after slavery was ended and a few grounds keepers' families have been working on the plantation since slavery. Those are some of the people that would be interesting to talk to! 

Have you ever been to a plantation? I'd love to go to a few more and see their differences and similarities. The grounds are just breath taking. 

Day 3 continues with the Petting Zoo visit. Peacocks, a giant tortoise, and friendly deer! 

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