Wednesday, June 7, 2017

{Chicken Coop} Run

Hello Friends!

Did you catch the post about the coop building? If not, no big deal - we built it from scratch - and then needed to build a run so the girls can get outside! I'd love to have them free range in our yard to help with bug patrol but our two dogs may have different feelings. I think they feel the chickens are food. So does Doug - when the stop laying. 

Doug and my dad built the run. I helped hold boards in place but those are two are machines when it comes to building. I just get in the way. I also forgot to take photos of some of the steps by you can see it's just a pretty simple set up - with a slight angle for the water to run off towards the fence. 

I say simple but it wasn't. Like most projects, there's always a hiccup or two. 

The guys got the coop built and then Doug and I did the fencing over the weekend. Let me tell you - that was not easy! 

There will be a door, so don't let this fool ya. 

We're still waiting on doors - we have to build those - and then it should be done.

Well, I will continue to paint the inside of the coop to seal the plywood. That's my job for tomorrow after I caulk the seams. 

Dimensions - the coop is 4' by 4' (length and width), height starts at 4'
Run - 4 by 9 feet. It's roughly 5 1/2' tall in front but varies due to the slope of the ground. 

I've already added some perches for the girls and we have a new waterer for when they go back out there. 

We are also thinking of covering the bottom of the coop with pickets like the kids' area. Yay or nay? It would add a little more shade in the morning as this gets full sun then. We may have enough to do two sides, which could offer them a little corner to hide from the dogs. 

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