Monday, June 12, 2017

{Chickens} Our Girls

On May 7th, we adopted five little girls into our family... 

1 bantam feather-footed chick (bottom right in this group). She's starting to get speckled gray feathers and I'm in love. She's a very inequistave girl which helps make up for her size difference.

There's the black one, a Black Silver Laced Wyandotte, who is sassy and sweet. She's the first to try something and lets me hold her the longest. 

There's a Rhode Island Red that follows the black one around. She doesn't like me but I'm trying.

Then there are two that looked very different at first but now are very similar, minus their legs. One is a Buff Orphington (bottom left) and one is an "Easter Egger" (or as our store called it, a Rainbow Layer). She's smashed in the middle of the group photo. 

I should have posted this awhile back as they look so different now!!! 

Their names? Why, there's Monica (black), Rachel (red), and Phoebe (the EE). Yes, from Friends. Then there's Cookie (the tiny one) and Goldie (the Buff) named by the kids. Nate had some other name in mind for one but it made absolutely no sense and now I can't remember so we went with Cookie, which I think happened to be the last thing he ate. 

Here's Goldie. She doesn't like people much but I'm hoping treats will change that. 

Here's Monica. Her adult feathers have started to come in since this photo but I loved how she looked as a chick too. 

Lily holding Phoebe. 

Phoebe with the cute little cheeks - I'm hoping those become more and more obvious so she's a bearded lady soon. 

And then there's Cookie, the tiny one. 

No pictures of Rachel, the red one. I said she doesn't like me! 

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