Thursday, June 15, 2017

{Chickens} Growing Up, part 2

 Hello Friends! Check out our girls. They have gotten so big!!! 

Top to bottom - Monica, the Black Silver Laced Wyandotte; Goldie, the Buff Orphington (I think); Phoebe (the Easter Egger aka Ameruacana (sp?)); Rachel, the Rhode Island Red; and Cookie, the feather footed Bantam. If you know chickens and can help me - let me know! 

It was really hot one day so they got treats in ice water. They did not like the grapes. 

And here they are checking out their new digs! They aren't there permanently so I'll post when that happens. But they are so happy! 

Krypto loves them. And he'd love to eat them. 

I can't wait until they are out here permanately. It is almost time! We finished the door to the run over the weekend and the other three doors are at my dad's house as he made them. A few more tweaks and some painting and I think they'll be here full time. And that means I'll be able to clean my back porch off and hopefully get to painting it soon! 

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