Wednesday, June 14, 2017

{Chickens} Growing Up

I introduced the girls in the last chicken post so here are a few updates. 

The got a bath and a larger brooder box a few weeks ago. The bath was to help with the lice that I think they have. So far I think we've won the fight with the nasty little bug but time will tell. They will get another bath soon. I've added DE and a dirt bath to their brooder so they've been having fun. 

Below is Monica, the Black Laced Wyandotte. She may be one of the friendliest, so right now she's one of my favorites. 

Here's Rachel. She's a very pretty Rhode Island Red with a little eyeliner like line by her eyes. 

They weren't too thrilled about the bath but they all got loving afterwards and put under the heat lamp when they grew sick of me. 

And then they've had some outdoor time! This shows how bad our garden needs weeded, but it provided a lot of variety of plants to snack on and bugs to find for the girls. 

They've gotten so big and have definitely reached the awkward "teenager" stage. It's funny. 

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