I've had maybe two repeating dreams in my life... one happened when I was a little girl and it involved my brother and I at our childhood home, alone, when two guys came to rob the place. I had it when I was little-ish and again as a teenager, when I didn't live there. I had it once since living in my own house too.

Last night I had a repeat of another dream with only minor changes to make it more up to date on who I know in this life. But for the most part, the dream stayed exactly the same. I can't even remember when I dreamt it last but probably within the last 3 years.

In the dream, I was either walking or driving (a little of both) through an old neighborhood in our old town. It's a gorgeous neighborhood in real life but this one was slightly different. Still pretty but totally different too. I turned a corner of one of the streets and there were these gorgeous old brick buildings with great painted details. Some were renovated, some needed it, and some were part way in the middle. But every single building, even those that were neglected on the outside, housed different parts of an old school carnival. There were rides in some, bumper cars in another, carousel horses in one. They weren't for use, there wasn't enough room, but they were there. They were beautiful too. I wondered what was going on but there wasn't a single person to ask. They entire place, building after building, was void of any humans. There were probably 10 different good sized buildings on a few different streets, but I could see them all by standing in the center square (kind of like a town square I guess). Then, as I continued walking, I saw that there was one shop on and it was all the carousel horses in it. It was tiny, maybe 10-15 horses total, but it was lit up and spinning. Still, there was no one around.

I continued walking through town and got to a row of houses as I neared the major road. At first I thought, "oh, cute houses" but something got my attention and I turned around and saw another street for the first time and was amazed at the gigantic houses that lined it. These houses, all Victorian like with their brightly painted details and different architectural styles, were 3-4 stories tall and just huge! A few, at the beginning of the street, were maybe the typical style of house you see around my current town for that style of house. 2-3 stories, bright colors, impressive but not nearly as impressive as the mansions a few houses down. It was insane. I wanted to talk to someone about it, fearing that if I looked away, the houses wouldn't be there when I looked back. They were, after I did look around fo someone. In the beginning of my dream, I was with someone but when I was looking at the houses, I was alone. I didn't feel alone though, so I'm not sure what was going on.

I continued walking along and saw a variety of other houses as I neared the major road. Across the major road, coming out of the original road I was walking on (which is very similar to a real road in my old town), I saw two businesses. As I left the carnival/Victorian house area and kept thinking to myself "Wow, someone needs to open that up for visitors!", I saw two people talking about that. There were two shops and I assumed they were the shop owners. One shop was all about clothing for the local college's sports, the other was more of a typical visitor's center with post cards and some cheesy items. One of the shop owners was a lady I work with, the other a strange man.

As I watched them talk, they had no idea I was there, I heard either me say something to someone or someone say something to me about my dad used to cut through that neighborhood on his way to college and that it looked the exact same all those 30-ish years ago.


To me, that last part might have been the strangest part of the whole dream. A place that's been the exact same for 30 years but no one's messed with it? And why have I had this dream twice now?!!?

{InstaFriday} Sunday's Late Post

So I just found a blog hop at Life Rerranged called InstaFridays. Some of these photos didn't make it to my Instagram account because it's been acting up... so right now, these are just some photos from the past week or so. My name is thebrickbungalow if you want to follow me!

Lily received some temporary tattoo hand monster designs for Christmas and so we tried one on. She didn't hold her hand still, and she's a little small for it, but you get the idea... They are cute and she loves them.

Last year I bought her a bunch of toys that we never opened (they were up in her closet and I kind of forgot about some) so we got a bunch of them out. After playing one morning (can you say morning hair!?), she found these magnetic Melissa and Doug girls where she can change their outfits. She loves them. She told me "this one is me!"

My boy, Krypto, playing with us in Lily's room.

The other dogs, Zoey (brindle) and Beefy (chihuahua), spooning on the couh. Sorry for the dark photo, some little cranky girl doesn't like it if it's "too bright!"

My coworkers found this in a magazine and we all felt this way about the upcoming Super Bowl. One of our male coworkers was upset when I posted it because he LOVES football. So I'll cheer on his team but I'm not a huge pro-football fan. And sorry for the cursing...

Beefy likes to sit in Lily's lap and today Lily thought it would be fun to pet her with just one finger...

A beautiful sunrise Thursday morning.

The lamp I found at Lowe's that will be my new dining room lamp once it's back in stock. I'm hoping to sell the current, antique fixture and maybe break even (or even make a few bucks!).

Lily and I played CandyLand this morning and my cousin is nicknamed Lolly. I tried to Instagram this photo to her but Instagram refused to work today fo rme.

{Alabama} The Beach

The Alabama Vacation continues.... I love the beach. There's something so soothing and beautiful about it. If it hadn't been freezing every morning, and pretty cold throughout the day, I would have spent my entire vacation there. The waves crashing, the colors of the sky, the birds flying, and on our last evening, a dolphin sighting. I now realize just why people always vacation to the beach. Before last's year vacation to Florida, it had been well over a decade since I had last been. Now, in one year, I've gone to the beaches near Dunedin, Florida last December, a Great Lakes beach with Doug in August, and Alabama's Gulf Shores. Maybe next December it'll be another beach on an island or somewhere warmer. A girl can wish!
Many of these photographs were taken at sunset or sunrise.

Oil rigs lit up off the coast of Alabama. They were everywhere.

The best sand dollar we found. I'm glad I took a picture because it was about the size of a dime and as fragile as can be. It soon broke, just like the other small one I found. Some day I will find a big one!

My mom and I thought this guy was dead and I so I touched him...

He wasn't... just probably freezing cold and super slow.

My mom chasing after the heron ... here she is walking away after she was super close.

The prettiest shell we found, fully together and everything, and there had to be some sort of barnacles on it.

{Alabama} Cobalt Restaurant, Town

Back for another post from our trip to Alabama. We planned one event (the dolphin cruise) and then just enjoyed the rest of the time doing what we wanted to do after seeing the town and looking around. We were across the Bay from Mobile in a small(ish) area. After picking up a few items from a local grocery store, my mom and I spotted a jewelry and art store. And of course we had to go in! I bought one mermaid necklace that is pretty cool (I'll get a photo at some point) that can hang like she's swimming across, down, or up. Lily found her own mermaid she liked... these handpainted displays in front of the shop. I wish I remembered the store's name to post here but I didn't.

For dinner, we asked the Dolphin Queen herself what the locals prefer. I don't know if this place was truly a locals' favorite or just a fancy place, or both (it was definitely fancy!), but it was called Cobalt. It was a cool restaurant and luckily they had a few things to keep us entertained for the hour long wait... like a giant fish tank filled with rays and a few fish...

Some beautiful artwork (these photos don't do these paintings justice).

And they had a little gift shop with stuffed animals and Lily picked one up she was trying to get us to buy (which we did after dinner as a way to make her eat more). Meet Nella, the frog, and the first ever toy that she named something else besides what they are ("doll baby" for a doll, "bear" for bear). I have no idea where the name Nella came from and neither does she, but that's the frog's name!

And here we are at dinner, playing around.  

{Alabama} Dolphin Cruise

The day after we arrived in Alabama, we went on a Dolphin Cruise that my mom had planned. Although it was really cold, it was fun to be out on the water, watching for dolphins. Our tour captain, the Dolphin Queen, had won the local boat parade and her boat was fully decked out in lights. I wish I had a full shot, but the cute light up dolphin was enough. I would have loved to see the boat at night, reflecting on the water! 

Finally saw one!

This was about as close as we got to one, and about the most we saw. But that's ok, it was still great! 
This little area was a great spot to see some birds (as shown in a later photo) and provides natural protection for boats during the hurricane season.

A great boat, built by hand by the owner.

There are birds in those trees... a heron and something else... I need arrows point them out.

Our one and only family shot the whole vacation.

Doug in the pirate hat. 

Lily having fun.

The pirate theme worked out great with Lily, who's current movie obsession is the Pirate Pig episode of Dora. She loves it! 


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