{InstaFriday} Week 5

The week of January 17-23 was crazy. We had Monday off of school. We went to school on Tuesday (we're both teachers so I always say we go to school instead of work for some reason). Wednesday we both took off because Tuesday night was our Boyz II Men concert, and then Thursday and Friday ended up being snow days.

Here's a shot of the three Boyz (one left the group a few years back). They were great in concert and will be in Vegas for awhile... sounds like a fun trip to me!
I found this recipe on Pinterest (where else?) and had to try it. Potatoes - check, sausage - check, and cheese - check! What's not to like?!?! The only problem was I made it during the snow days and we had no Velveeta. I know that stuff is gross anyway to eat (well... for ya, it tastes good!). So I ended up making it with cream cheese and some other cheeses. It was delicious!
Here's another snow day pic... Lily was upstairs with me as I cleaned up our bedroom and she decided that some of my old paintings were great to hide under. Don't you like the hand sticking out?
And the snow pictures (I'll do a separate post too about all the snow and damage we've had)....

This is Lily's "Princess Look" according to her...
The beginning of the snow... that was the start of round 1...
Rocky enjoying the sun in Lily's room.
Zoey being lazy on the couch.
Zoey in the snow (round 1).
Another dinner... flank steak, roasted red potatoes, lima beans, and garlic bread. Delicious!
Miss Lily watching her computer (Leap Pad) on the way home from a visit with my parents.

And Krypto...

{InstaFriday} Spirit Week

Welcome LifeRearranged readers, and thanks to the host for hosting the weekly InstaFriday post up.

This week was a busy one! Lily's daycare had spirit week where the kids dressed up differently each day. But a few of these photos are from the weekend too...

We went to the mall to play around and ended up buying Lily some new shoes. She needed some. I should have bought the ones I looked at too but I may get them some other time.

Our new lamp! It's beautiful!

Monday was hat and shades day....

Tuesday was mismatch day (she wasn't huge on this, wearing stripes and polka dots and two different socks).

Wednesday was Team Day where she dressed in her MU Tiger cheerleading outfit and won 1st place!

The beautiful sunrise one morning....

Thursday was pink and red. Can you guess what color she chose to wear??!

And Friday was her favorite... pajama day!!!

Busy week with a busy weekend too... Thankfully Monday is a holiday and no school!

{Upstairs} TV Area

Although it's still a work in progress, our TV area got a nice addition after Christmas that I forgot to blog about. Before Christmas, we had ordered two club chairs from Target. They came in covered in white mildew/mold. It was horrible and made my living room smell so bad until we could return them. After that, we were a little nervous about ordering from Target again, so we checked other places. We went to Ashley's Homestore, where we have bought many other things before (like our TV room's sectional, our master bedroom's furniture, and where the previous homeowner bought our living room set and dining room set that we bought with the house). So, we are happy with them and continue to return. We bought these two black chairs with one ottoman because we figured one ottoman would be plenty and it's a smaller space and two would be overkill. Don't they look great?!

This is the rocking chair that my dad restored for me when I was pregnant with Lily. It's a family piece that looks great against our tannish walls. 

Here's a closer view of the sparkly pillow. 

The pillows are from Target. The teal lamp and giraffe print lampshade are from World Market. The wooden spool table was made by my dad many, many years ago. I still want to add some artwork on the walls by the window. I'm also thinking of adding a small area rug to define the area more. After I get all that done, or at least the artwork, I'll take some more photos and we'll call the upstairs done!!! 

{Dining Room} New Light!

These photos were all taken with my iPhone. I will eventually take photos of the whole room with my nice camera and post about everything. However, you can still see all of the before photos and how far this room has come.
Let's just start with how I've never been a fan of this chandelier. Supposedly (according to the selling realtor who was friends with the previous homeowner), it came from one of the states in the south and is an antique. Well, this antique needed to go. It was a pain in the butt to clean and I wasn't a fan of its style. I may try to sell it, so wish me good luck on that!

Why yes, that's textured wallpaper on our ceiling. That's not the only place it's been but I didn't feel like removing it for fear of what could be underneath, so it's staying.
After Doug removed the old chandelier, we were left with the hole in the ceiling and a two toned medallion. I'll get to that later!

And after we tried unsuccessfully to install the first light we bought (same thing as below), we returned it to Lowe's and got a new one that worked fine. The first one had an issue that needed fixed. This one was perfect.

It's a nice pewter/stainless steal with five arms and a little crystal on each one. Simple and lovely.

It helps the room feel and look so much better than with the old chandelier. Once our table isn't full of junk and the room is cleaned, I'll take a wider shot. I also would like to have some natural light and by the time I get home in the evenings, it's gone. But isn't it pretty??

{Alabama} Fort Morgan

**Somehow I missed posting this!**

While in Alabama over our Christmas vacation, we went to check out Fort Morgan. It was right down the road from our condo so we thought we'd check it out. It was a great place to visit! Fort Morgan was used in many wars on our soil. It was crazy to walk through, thinking of people living and working there as it was just a bunch of walls to us. It reminded me of the castles in England (just not as big and cool).

Yes, those are minnows living within the small water runoff system.


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