{Life} Photo Dump

Wow! How are we already almost half way through January? 

(All above photos were taken Christmas Eve at my parents' farm.) 

Last week, as everyone was aware of, we had horrible weather and it postponed the beginning of our Spring Semester by two days. So, instead of starting on Monday, we started Wednesday. Although I miss spending all day with Nate the Great, I know he's in good hands with my mom. I also missed some of my coworkers and being around adults through the day. I'm still learning my new students as I have about 40-50 new faces. I have roughly 100 students that I see daily but I know most of them. My 6th graders (I teach 6-8 for those that don't know) are new to the building so I may recognize them from last semester but I don't have all of their names down yet. Getting there!

Photos above include Christmas Eve at my parents' house and a later celebration of Christmas at my in-laws' house. The above photo was a challenge to get! Four kids, 4 and under! Lily and Will are 3 months apart (Lily being older) and Nate and Kyla are 3 months apart (Kyla being older). This Christmas was calm compared to what future years will hold! 

Below: Can you believe Nate is three months YOUNGER than her?! 

As for the rest of life, it seems to be flying by! I wanted to get some photos uploaded since Christmas but between spending extra time with our family and Lily (we kept her home from daycare for two weeks), we've been busy with being lazy and enjoying each others' company. 

So...instead of random posts about individual things, this is a "catch everyone up to date" post and I'll hopefully get on a schedule at some point. I also have a blog for my classroom and I want to work on it, getting pictures and information up on it, so hopefully I can do both. 

Doug and I are both working full time, Doug's doing extra coaching after school (and that'll continue until May), Lily is loving preschool and being with friends, and my parents are watching Nate. My dad even installed our dishwasher! If you want more up to the date happenings, follow me on Instagram at thebrickbungalow.

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